Sleep Alert! Teens Need More

Sleep Alert! Teens Need More

By: Angie

Middle schools and high schools should start later because middle school students and high school students have a different pattern of sleeping.The first reason why they should start school later is because bigger kids go through puberty. Researcher Mary Carskadon and others at Brown University, found “that at a issue here are the sleep patterns of teenagers brains which are different from those of younger children and adults due to puberty”.One research done by the Multiple sleep Latency Test (MSLT) “found that they show more alertness at 8pm than earlier in the day and even greater alertness at 10pm” this shows they can’t fall asleep early and fall asleep later. Both studies show that puberty is changing a teenagers sleep cycle.

Another reason why they should start school later is because if you don’t sleep the hours you need to sleep you can get mental problems like depression. Studies on teens show “the incidence of depression among teens significantly rises with less than nine hours of sleep. Feelings of sadness and hopelessness increase from 19 percent up to nearly 52 percent in teens who sleep four hours or less per night.”A group of scientists in the United Kingdom did a study of 3700 students where some got sleep Therapy and others did not.”The result revel improvement in both sleep and mental health were greater for members of the CBT group”. Again this shows that teens need at least 9 hours of sleep.

The final reason why they should start school later is because starting school later helps tardy students or late students come to school. A University of Minnesota study shows that starting school later helps kids to not be tardy and dropout. Also the same study shows that starting school later helps students get good grades. Early research from 1996 through 2002 revealed that absences, tardiness, and sleepiness in school had significantly declined with later start times and that students’ moods and feelings of efficacy had improved (Wahlstrom, 2002)

All this research shows that starting school later helps teens improve. Teens would get out of school later in the afternoons, which could pose problems for teens who provide childcare to younger siblings”. This is a big challenge to parents who put their teenagers to take care of their little siblings. But, one solution is putting their siblings in after school or putting them in after school activities. Volunteers should help start a after school program and big companies, like 3M, US Bank or Ecolab, should give some time and money to help create fun after school activities that elementary students will love. And if this actually comes true students should thank them for their time and money for the after school program.“Students who participate in sports and extra-curricular activities would get home much later in the evenings”. This is a challenge to teenagers because they are going to stay up doing their homework. But one solution or idea to this challenge is to do your homework in extra hours of class. And also teachers should give extra time to do homework at school because students can ask a question or for help.


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